MicroGuard™ Leaf Shedding System

Very few people enjoy the hassle of cleaning their gutters. The good news is  that Lindstadt’s offers effective leaf guard options, so you won’t have to.  
Lindstadt Gutters is proud to offer a premium leaf shedding system. This patented filtration system provides a quick and easy solution for free-flowing gutters, meaning you will no longer have to spend time every season cleaning leaves, twigs, acorns, and other debris. Not only does MicroGuard™ cut down on home maintenance, it also doesn’t affect the look of your home in any way, since it’s virtually invisible from the curb.
MicroGuard™ consists of a heavy-gauge aluminium panel, perforated to allow water to drain easily but preventing tree debris from becoming trapped in the gutter. Lindstadt Gutters is an authorized MicroGuard™ dealer on Long Island — just give us a call and get ready to say goodbye to climbing ladders every fall.

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